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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Three More Google Search Tips You Should Know About


We've covered a bunch of unpopular Google search tips and tricks before, and this is the next post in the series. Three pretty relatively lesser known Google search tips: one to know your computer's IP address, one that tells you the time anywhere int the world, and one more that alerts you about new books.

Know your IP address

Your IP address identifies your machine when you're connected to the internet. If you ever want to know what your computer's IP address is for some reason, just type [ip] or [what is my ip] or [ip address] into the Google search box.


Google will now display your computer's IP address on top of the search results page, as you can see above.

Know the time anywhere

If you quickly want to know what time is it any part of the world, you don't have to hunt for another site/app. Neither do you have to do calculate it yourself.


Just type [what time is it in <place>] to know the time there. For instance, see what this query returns for [what time is it in New York].

Get alerts for new books

Google Books lets you search for books by author or publisher. There are two operators that serve the purpose: inauthor and inpublisher. For instance, a search for [inauthor: "seth godin"] returns a list of Seth's books.


A combination of these operators can be used to set up notifications for new books using Google Alerts, as Labnol describes. This will let you keep track new books from your favourite authors.

Got a tip? Share it in the comments. Read our previous articles on unpopular Google search operators here or here.

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Three More Google Search Tips You Should Know About

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