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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Internet Explorer 10 will bring Windows 8 into the enterprise.

Over the weekend, I spent some ample time playing around with Windows 8 developers version and overall I was impressed. There is no doubt in my mind now that Microsoft is sincerely maintaining loyalty to desktop for Internet Explorer.Recently,there were reports claiming that Microsoft is shaking up Internet Explorer 10 for the new Metro tablets. If unaware, Metro is an adaptation of the tile-based user interface Microsoft developed for its Windows 7 Phone, which is designed for use on tablet devices running the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft has considerably improved the browsing engine for IE10 by including a fully hardware accelerated browsing engine and plug-in free HTML5 support whose features rivals like Chrome,Firefox and Opera have already announced.One Metro IE10 highlight was, instead of the iOS style browser arrow button to return to a previously visited page, IE10 will offer a "side swipe". Similar arrow based browser control features are available on the desktop version of Microsoft's browser.While going through it,
It is clear that Windows 8 Metro could lead the roll-in of Windows 8 desktop into businesses. Interestingly, IE10 on Windows 8 across desktops and Metro devices will also allow users to invoke apps alongside the browser.Corporations, investment banks and analysts had pushed for the introduction of the iPad as a real business tool over the past year but from my evaluation most corporations have only ever implemented half-hearted solutions for iOS. I has seen almost every company allow some use of the iOS device. iPad may be raiding the enterprise, but I think Widows 8 Metro and application compatibility will be a nudge for organizations to implement Windows 8 on the desktop

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