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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Three Quick Ways To Save Time When Browsing


Browsers have grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Super rich features, you see. They help you to be productive all the time. Here are three tips that will help you save time when you're engaged in a busy browsing session. These are commonly overlooked, so make sure you bookmark these for later reference!

Save all open webpages in a jiffy

If you're doing some quick research online with a myriad tabs open and if someone else wants to use your machine, you'll have to close all open tabs. Reopening them is going to be one helluva task.


You can make use of the much-overlooked 'Bookmark all tabs' option from the tab bar in the Chrome window to save all open tabs in a new folder in your bookmarks bar.


To reopen them all when you start your browsing session, all you need to do is right click on the folder and choose 'Open all bookmarks'. As easy as that.

Restore previous session completely

Long time readers of Killer Tech Tips would know that hitting Ctrl+Shift+T anytime during browsing restores the previously closed tab. If you accidentally close a tab, this shortcut could be pretty darn useful. (If this shortcut is new to you, you probably don't know several others. See them all here)

Hitting the same shortcut key combination immediately after launching the Chrome window restores your previous session completely. Tabs from your previous Chrome session would reopen in a jiffy and you can start surfing where you left off, almost instantly. How cool is that? Chrome Session Saver, for you.

Use the browser's address bar to remove text formatting

(Update: Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut can be used to remove formatting when pasting, ignore the workaround below!)

You might copy text from web pages into a word processor or a note taking application often for future reference. Doing this preserves the text formatting, and you might want to remove it before you paste the text into another application.


You can make use of the address bar to remove the formatting pretty quickly. First, copy the text you want to paste by pressing Ctrl+C. Go to the address bar (or hit Alt+D) and paste the text into it by pressing Ctrl+V. Select all the text in the address bar by pressing Ctrl+A. Now, hit Ctrl+X to cut the text from the address bar.


This copies the unformatted, plain text version of the passage into the clipboard. You can then paste it into any application of your choice by using the paste option from the menu or hitting Ctrl+V.

If you've got a tip that will add to browsing productivity, share it with us in the comments. Of course, these tips work in most other browsers as well. We've just used Chrome to demonstrate.

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Three Quick Ways To Save Time When Browsing

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