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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Yahoo! launches Tablet and smartphone apps


Yahoo! Inc unveiled a handful of products to try and bolster its mobile and social networking offerings, as the struggling web company continues to evaluate its future. Yahoo has introduced new multimedia applications for Tablet PCs and smartphones on and demonstrated new technologies aimed at attracting third-party publishers and advertisers to a new Apple Inc iPad-based media service.

Yahoo Headquarters in Sunnyvale,California,USA.

Product chief Blake Irving on the launch video available online said that Yahoo!'s innovation in this space is happening on mobile devices first, and it's closest to users and that's where the fastest-growth markets are.Among the new products unveiled were a multimedia newsstand for Tablets dubbed Livestand, a weather application for Android mobile devices, and a new version of IntoNow, a social application related to television, for the iPad.

Irving reiterated Yahoo! can stay focused on developing new products amid the uncertainty,because company's mission has not changed and the staff remain dedicated to developing innovative products. Irving was personally more bullish on Yahoo! today, than he was two weeks ago, eight weeks ago, a year ago although he never elaborated.He added that Yahoo has dreams about what this company can be, and that's what we're building.Sunnyvale based company has attracted heavy criticism for lack of a comprehensive strategy for engaging web users who are drifting away from PCs and spending more time on Tablets and smartphones.However,with this new products it could just be the beginning of Yahoo! recovery.


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