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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Three Sites For The Google+ Addict


If you're a big fan of Google+, take a look at these sites that'll help you discover new users and create a short profile URL for your Google+ profile.

See Top 100 Google+ Users


Google+ Statistics is a neat site that lists the top 100 people on Google+ with their follower count. You can use it to find profiles of the most interesting people on Google+. In addition, you can sign in with using your Google ID or type in your unique profile ID to have yourself included in the tracking. Visit Google+ Statistics

Get a short URL for your Google+ Profile


Google+ profile URLs are pretty long and it's hard to remember them. On, you can key in your profile ID and create a short URL of the form or that redirects to your Google Plus Profile page. Visit or

Find new, relevant people to add to your circles


Think of like the WeFollow directory, but for Google+ instead of Twitter. You go to and click on one of your interests. The site will show you a list of Google+ users that you can add to your circle. You can also narrow down the list of users by using the left panel. It's an easy way to find interesting and popular people to follow on Google+. Visit

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Three Sites For The Google+ Addict

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