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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Five Useful Google Search Tips You May Not Know About


We've previously written about a couple Google tricks that are unpopular but highly useful. You can do a bunch of things with Google, including checking websites for malware, reading articles without having to pay, searching photos based on region and locking safe search to prevent kids from viewing explicit content.

Here's how you can do them all. These tips may come in handy some day, so don't forget to bookmark this article. Do share the information by tweeting the post or sharing it on Facebook.

1. Manually check for malware using Google


Google's search results warn you about suspicious websites that host malware so that you can avoid visiting them. What if you want to check a site manually for malware content? It's pretty easy. Just append the site's address to this URL and a Safe Browsing diagnostics page will pop-up like the one above detailing malware infections, if any.

2. Search pictures by region

Find photos based on region

If you want to search for photos of actors from India or a specific region, there's a way to do it in Google Image Search. Just go to the advanced search page and choose a region from the drop down list on the page. You can also search for movie posters from a particular region, as Amit points out. This feature can serve many more use-cases.

3. Search for people's profiles


Everyone's on Google+ these days and if you want to search for people's profiles, it's not necessary that you have to go to Google Plus every time. Just launch in a new tab, do a name search and append &tbs=prfl:e to the search URL. This restricts search results to only people's profiles.

4. Read articles behind a paywall


Business Insider mentions that you can use Google to read articles from sites like the New York Times where information is behind a pay wall. Just search for the article using its exact title on Google and it'd pop up in search results. You can read up to five articles every day on sites like the NY Times using this work-around.

5. Lock Google's Safe Search


You might have enabled the Safe Search option from Google's search settings to prevent explicit content from showing up in results. If you share your computer with your friends or kids, you can manually 'lock safe search' from the settings page to prevent others from changing it in your computer. Once Safe Search is locked, coloured balls appear in the search results page indicating that results don't include explicit content.

Do check out our previous list of less obvious Google search features if you haven't done it already. If you've got an interesting tip to share, do tell us in the comments.

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Five Useful Google Search Tips You May Not Know About

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